Microbiome Solutions – Vision, Mission, Way of Working and Services

It is Microbiome Solutions’ vision to improve people’s quality of life by optimizing the pact between men/women and microbes through better personal nutrition, care and lifestyle.

Microbiome Solutions’ mission: share knowledge and deliver value

Microbiome Solutions collects, translates, applies and transfers knowledge about the human microbiome for gut health, oral health, skin health and vaginal health. Microbiome Solutions connects to and collaborates with experts and organizations who aim to innovate, differentiate and deliver value in the human microbiome area.

A practical way of working

Microbiome Solutions owner Wilbert Sybesma can be hired for a shorter or longer period of time. Collaboration and integration with your teams can be offered from distance and/or on site. When appropriate and agreed, Microbiome Solutions can also engage a network of valuable experts in the field.

Assignments may vary between one time opinion sharing and shorter or longer collaborations, including coaching and innovation leadership development of your teams. Overall, Microbiome Solutions aims for sustainable knowledge building and transferring this knowledge to the people in your organization.

Microbiome Solutions’ Services


Microbiome Solutions’ services include:

  • Support in value creation, value delivery and value capturing in gut microbiome, oral microbiome, skin microbiome and vaginal microbiome
    • Research set-up and assessment of your research and innovation pipeline
    • Co-design of your IP strategy
    • Product development advice
    • Manufacturing / co-manufacturing advice
    • Claims & communication options
    • Marketing & sales support
  • Interim management and people development in R&D and Innovation
  • Value assessment for M&A or investments
  • Post M&A integration support
  • Coaching of start-up companies
  • Expert assessment and promotion of your product(s)